Glass + Software

The image is the glass and the glass is the product.

After reading Ben Evan’s post “The Spread of Glass,” some of the thoughts I had when I first saw the original iPhone came to mind.

The devices we used to own were hardwired for specific purposes. Each had hardware controls: cameras had fixed buttons, TV remotes had fixed buttons, and a typewriter with an English querty keyboard could not magically change to a French azerty layout.

Today glass is the omnipresent, universal medium that transfers the software experience to the outside world. We carry it around all day, every day. We have it in our living rooms, we have it in our bedrooms. We even have it hanging on our walls. The new generation of devices we carry around are glass windows into software.

Software gives glass unlimited uses through interfaces designed for specific purposes - from broadcasting content to generating content, each with a different set of controls for the task at hand. Different for writing, recalling memories, creating music, messaging friends.

Glass + Software gives us, the creators of software building blocks and software -powered experiences more than just power and flexibility. It gives us the responsibility to create something truly great.


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